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The original pastor of The Whole Truth COGIC, Dr. Naomi O'bryant, passed from this life on to the next at the age of 93. she then left the church in the care of Pastor & Lady Young. Our pastors are two gifts sent from heaven! They bring with them over 20 years experience in pastoral ministry and a lifetime of patience and love. 


Pastor Alan is a creative spirit who believes in giving everyone a chance and bringing out the gifts within. He was raised in the South and effortlessly shows hospitality in the ministry of his daily life. He enjoys nature, inventing new technology and seeing the people of God improve and live to their highest potential.


Lady Jennifer Young is also a creative spirit who naturally brings out an excellent spirit everywhere that she goes. She enjoys writing, learning and being the change that she wishes to see in the people of God.

Our Pastors together, bring balance to our communities and helps each and every one of us evolve into deeper depths and greater heights in God.

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